Creative Direction

Tomasoni is a well-known historical brand in the food sector thanks to its flagship product: La Crema del Piave. The Tomasoni Dairy, however, is much more than this product. It is a family business closely linked to the territory and rich in values that offers many different products.

Goodness is a simple thing.

The new graphic identity consists of a revision that does not revolutionize the previous graphic layout but makes it more direct and functional thanks to the introduction of an illustrated image of the territory that becomes the symbol of the new Tomasoni language.
The entire brand architecture is being renewed, from the logo that has been made more immediate to all the product packaging made more coordinated with each other. This new language has also been declined in all communication media to keep the brand image homogeneous.

A continuity of language in the advertising pages.

The new brand language is an integral part of the Tomasoni advertising campaigns that appear continuously in the most important local newspapers.
These advertising pages are sharing family values and genuine recipes in a simple a direct language that is close to the customer.

Know the consumer and support him in his daily choices.

This was the mission of the social project "Bimbi a tavola con Tomasoni" with which we won two Special Stars in the Social Media Section for Copy Strategy and Graphic Design at the Mediastars Award competition.
Four influencer mothers were involved in the creation of contents and recipes on Facebook and Instagram to promote the role of dairy products in the health of children and adults, and to enhance the importance of a genuine and conscious diet, the cornerstone of the company mission.

FAMA DESIGN is Mauro Fardin’s portfolio, creative lead at VMLY&R.

I am a former fashion photographer who has spent the past 15 years exploring the realm of art direction.
As a self-proclaimed "smoking hot multipotentialite", with a knack for big ideas, holistic thinking, and meticulous project management I established my own studio in 2014.

In 2019, I relocated to Prague and joined forces with Optimist Inc. for a fruitful two-year collaboration. During this time, I had the exciting opportunity to contribute to creative campaigns for Škoda Auto Global, Volkwagen and Knuspr.

Since 2022, I've taken on the roles of creative lead and creative director at VMLY&R, aiming to create projects that become part of people’s lives, to drive value for our clients (BAT, Adidas, Hills Global, Victoria’s Secret, Czech Paralympics, Amnesty International, Pride) and, in the best of the cases, to impact the world 😉

In my day-to-day schedule, I oversee a group of 25 creatives. Additionally, I establish and guide teams to secure tenders successfully, and I provide support to other agencies within the WPP network to enhance their business expansion efforts. 


If you have any project, idea or anything you want to share, you can contact me.