Momonì presented the Fall Winter 2021/22 Womenswear Collection with a fashion film, as a part of Milano Fashion Week.
The Day Dreamer Collection explores an on the road journey through relaxing Nordic landscapes, exploring unknown and less frequented destinations. The collection is designed to be versatile, following the stages of a journey in a relaxing atmosphere, with comfy-chic apparel suitable for the harshest winters, and softer total looks with functional elegance. The star of brand’s fashion film, directed by Andrea Calvetti, is model and actress Greta Ferro. The film tells of a journey that takes place in the dreamer’s mind and is transformed into an adventure of emotions and sensations, a sensory escape to reconnect with a new, profound sense of harmony. A celebration of hygge style that becomes a way of being and dressing.

FAMA DESIGN is Mauro Fardin’s portfolio, creative lead at VMLY&R.

I am a former fashion photographer who has spent the past 15 years exploring the realm of art direction.
As a self-proclaimed "smoking hot multipotentialite", with a knack for big ideas, holistic thinking, and meticulous project management I established my own studio in 2014.

In 2019, I relocated to Prague and joined forces with Optimist Inc. for a fruitful two-year collaboration. During this time, I had the exciting opportunity to contribute to creative campaigns for Škoda Auto Global, Volkwagen and Knuspr.

Since 2022, I've taken on the roles of creative lead and creative director at VMLY&R, aiming to create projects that become part of people’s lives, to drive value for our clients (BAT, Adidas, Hills Global, Victoria’s Secret, Czech Paralympics, Amnesty International, Pride) and, in the best of the cases, to impact the world 😉

In my day-to-day schedule, I oversee a group of 25 creatives. Additionally, I establish and guide teams to secure tenders successfully, and I provide support to other agencies within the WPP network to enhance their business expansion efforts. 


If you have any project, idea or anything you want to share, you can contact me.