Creative Direction

The new Marsell site is the brand’s historical archive.
All brand products, on a display as if in an art gallery.

Synonym on the International level for innovative hand-made shoes (and what’s more: also bags and leather goods), for 16 years Marsell has been much more than a simple brand. It is a multi-faceted creative project that, in addition to shoe and accessory manufacturing, also develops a series of multi-disciplinary spaces dedicated to art - from video to performance, from installation to reading, from painting to photography.

Among the brand’s most cherished “treasures” is an archive of the creations produced in its years in business.
An archive that has not yet been fully appreciated but has finally become the highlight of the new Marsell website, that opens with a long list of every model ever produced to date, baptized with names that seem to have been taken from a futuristic magazine: Bombolone, Zucca Zeppa, Trampolina, Zeppogna, Pallottola, Cetriolone, Cartaspalla, Ricicarro, Smattafondo...


FAMA DESIGN is Mauro Fardin’s studio.

We are an independent award-winning branding & design studio based in Prague and in Venice area.
We specialize in not specializing, with a diverse portfolio of work and family of clients, brought together by a shared desire to make the world a better place through design. We transform concepts and ideas into projects that are clear, simple, strong and honest. In our projects, we try to reduce the all clutter, find the core and from there evoke emotions to get maximum impact. Our aesthetic signature balances both timeless and contemporary design; a design that should be engaging, useful, functional and always questions the status quo.


Based on strategic approach and contextual thinking, we offer services including Creative Direction, Art Direction, Visual Identity, Branding, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photo Shooting, Video Making, Motion Graphic, Package Design, Content Creation and Social Media Managing. 


If you have any project, idea or anything you want to share, you can contact us.