Creative Direction

Riviera del Brenta, Venice, 2021.
Between history and contemporaneity: the client came to us in 2018 with a concept of a new b&b inspired by the Venetian territory.
Our job was to help her create this new brand from scratch.
We created an organic brand identity system with the philosophy that conveys a coherent sense of self but adapted to capture the unique nature of the place it was in.
The new b&b has been created in a part of the barn of an agricultural court at the gates of the province of Venice, along the Brenta river.
A spatial and material dialogue between history and contemporaneity is the leitmotif of the project, also characterized by great care in terms of environmental sustainability: in addition to the use of technical and plant devices for energy containment, special attention to the territory and the surrounding landscape in the use of materials and design choices.


FAMA DESIGN is Mauro Fardin’s studio.

We are an independent award-winning branding & design studio based in Prague and in Venice area.
We specialize in not specializing, with a diverse portfolio of work and family of clients, brought together by a shared desire to make the world a better place through design. We transform concepts and ideas into projects that are clear, simple, strong and honest. In our projects, we try to reduce the all clutter, find the core and from there evoke emotions to get maximum impact. Our aesthetic signature balances both timeless and contemporary design; a design that should be engaging, useful, functional and always questions the status quo.


Based on strategic approach and contextual thinking, we offer services including Creative Direction, Art Direction, Visual Identity, Branding, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Web Design, Photo Shooting, Video Making, Motion Graphic, Package Design, Content Creation and Social Media Managing. 


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